What to pay attention to when shipping with an international freight company

What to pay attention to when shipping with an international freight company

The precautions for international freight companies to transport outside of China are as follows:


1. Packaging


It is recommended to choose a suitable box before delivery. When the actual weight and volume of the express is large, the international freight company should make reasonable use of the space to save a lot of freight. There are many transfer points in the express, so it must be properly strengthened to avoid damage to the goods.https://www.dantful.com/


2. Recipient information


If the recipient’s information is wrong, the express must be filled in English by default, and the details are accurate, otherwise the express cannot be sent.


3. Advantages of international freight companies


The advantages of international freight companies are mainly different from price and timeliness. Customs declaration ability, fast timeliness, strong customs declaration ability. It has advantages in commodity prices in Southeast Asia and North America, and the timeliness is relatively stable. Discounted prices in South America and Europe are often low, with strong customs clearance capabilities and fewer cargo restrictions.https://www.dantful.com/


Fourth, express charges


For packages less than 60cm in size, the actual weight will be charged. One ticket can save a lot of money. One ticket can be used for more than one. Small pieces within 21kg of express delivery will be charged as the unit of renewing, and large pieces over 21kg will be charged per kilogram.https://www.dantful.com/


Since the epidemic outside China is not well controlled, many new friends have often asked how to send express from China to outside China in the past two years. International shipping companies can order by official phone, pick up at home. The friend who sent it knows that there is a discount after the discussion, and the price will not suffer.


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