How to Avoid Customs Detention

How to Avoid Customs Detention

If you want to ship goods from China to countries like USA, UAE and Saudi Arabia, you need to know a lot about freight or find a reliable freight forwarder to help you all the way. 


Either way, knowing more about freight forwarding can help you move more safely in this industry. Let’s share the products that customs often detain!


In 2022, the customs will strengthen the inspection of non-compliant declared products. Therefore, for major logistics companies and import and export freight forwarders, in the face of unavoidable customs inspections, how to reduce the risk of detained goods after improving customs clearance efficiency is also crucial. Those products!


1. About CE


If CE certified products are required, it is necessary to ensure that the packaging and the product itself need to carry the word CE, and there must be an EU certification CE certificate (declaration of conformity) and a CE test report for supporting facilities.


2. Products that customs like to detain


Unqualified CE marked products and infringing products


3. Deduction of goods as a last resort


Goods with a heavy customs inspection workload are more likely to be deducted over the long term. For example, due to serious non-compliance or non-compliance with the declaration, a thorough inspection of the entire consignment is required. 


The cargo cannot be released due to serious doubts, but a thorough investigation would waste a lot of manpower. In order to reduce the waste of resources, customs inspection can directly judge the deduction of goods, and finally decide to return or destroy them.


4. How to judge the EU recognition of the CE certificate issuing unit?


Shanghai Import and Export Freight Forwarding reminds you that you can check whether the agency is an EU-accredited certification agency and whether the agency is qualified to issue this type of certification through the following website.


5. Which products need CE?


80% of the products need to be sent to the EU CE, electronic products, adult products, toys, inflatable cushions and other products involving personal safety CE


6. Products that do not conform to CE often detained by customs


Light goods and toy goods are also CE non-compliant products


7. Infringement


Patent infringement (appearance patent, invention patent, utility patent) means that the seller sells its patented product without the permission of the patentee. For example, products like Apple’s headphones infringe its appearance patents.


Dantful freight forward suggests that in order for your goods to be delivered normally, please avoid the above reasons!

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