How to import declaration of water purifier?

How to import declaration of water purifier?

1. Import declaration materials


Necessary documents including contracts, invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, etc. and relevant approval documents need to be submitted, and the Declaration of Conformity for Imported Food Contact Products should also be provided.


For imported food contact products that have been put on record, the “Record of Imported Food Contact Products” (copy with official seal) should also be submitted at the same time.


2. How to declare the import of water purifier?


According to the “Commodity and Item Notes of Import and Export Tariff”, water purifiers are classified as 8421.2110, and the declared commodity name is: Household-type machines and devices for filtering or purifying water.


HS code: 8421211000, supervision condition A, namely import statutory commodity inspection, inspection and quarantine category: R, namely imported food hygiene supervision and inspection.


Declaration elements include: 1. Product name; 2. Purpose; 3. Brand (name in Chinese and foreign languages); 4. Model; 5. Principle; 6. Water treatment volume per unit time.

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