How to solve the phenomenon of container dumping in freight

How to solve the phenomenon of container dumping in freight

If you want to ship goods from China to the US, UAE and Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the world, you need to know a lot about freight, or find a reliable freight forwarder to help you all the way.

Either way, knowing more about freight forwarding can help you move more safely in this industry. Let’s talk about how to solve the problem of oversold positions caused by the international freight shipping company’s plan of sharing cabins on the same ship

If the performance of the international freight industry continues to decline, many shipping companies will adopt the strategy of sharing cabins on the same ship to maintain the status quo of the current market downturn. Moreover, some shipping companies that share cabins on the same ship are non-union shipping companies. 

For such shipping companies, their respective prices are completely in the hands of price increases. The flexibility is relatively large, and at the same time of price reduction, there will be a phenomenon of severely oversold positions of various co-shipping companies.

This will have a serious consequence, the positions sold by several shipping companies seriously exceed the number of containers that the ship can carry. As a result, the customer’s container will be thrown away. S

ince the prices of various shipping companies are controlled by themselves, while reducing the price to attract customers, several shipping companies put more tanks than the actual loading capacity. These situations often occur in companies that share tanks on the same ship.

At this time, the customer will feel that the freight forwarding company is looking for an excuse, because the customer’s reaction is that there is no goods in the market at all. In such a bleak market, how can it be possible that the shipping company wants to dump the box. This makes customers feel that this is because the freight forwarding company has no strength, or is looking for an excuse to ask for money in the middle. 

In fact, this situation is entirely caused by the way of sharing cabins on the same ship, and this situation has occurred many times. And the key also depends on who the owner of the ship is. In many cases of overloading, the first thing to guarantee is the owner’s containers. This will cause some containers of other shipping companies to be unable to board the ship.

In such a situation, in order to maintain customers, freight forwarding companies often spend money to find on-site people in the port area for help to close the cabinets for shipment. In many cases, customers are reluctant to pay such a fee. In such a case, this fee is generally borne by the international freight forwarding company. 

On the one hand, it is to maintain good customers, and on the other hand, it also saves human resources for the company in operation. When this happens, the containers are generally missing or reconfigured. Such cases will give the operation proxy extra work.

In any case, in the current market, the phenomenon of sharing cabins on the same ship is very common. Therefore, in order to protect the interests of customers and themselves, freight forwarding companies still need to do a lot of work to deal with overloading.

Although it does not happen now, there is no guarantee that it will happen in the future. But we have the ability to solve the phenomenon of dumping. Not only this, Dantful freight forward also has many capabilities, which is the best choice for your freight forwarder!

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