Turkey Cargo cooperates with YTO on Tashkent flights

Turkey Cargo cooperates with YTO on Tashkent flights

Turkey Cargo has cooperated with express company YTO Cargo Airlines to launch flights to China, Central Asia and Turkey.

According to the agreement, YTO Cargo Airlines will operate four weekly flights between Xi’an and Tashkent.

The partners say that the capacity of these flights is entirely used by Turkish Cargo.

They explained: “According to this cooperation, cargo from China will be connected with Turkish Airlines Tashkent-Istanbul flight on the same day after transiting from Xi’an to Tashkent.”

Shipping from Istanbul can connect to other Turkish freight networks.

Chief Cargo Officer of Turkish Airlines said: “Considering today’s global trade network, China ranks among the most critical players with its production capacity and economic strength.

Thanks to this new partnership, Turkish Cargo continues to provide freight solutions from China to Turkey for customers around the world. “

Sun Jian, CEO of YTO International, said: YTO Express is delighted to have established a good relationship and strong cooperation with Turkey air freight.

Through this cooperation, provide fast, uninterrupted and practical solutions to customers in China and other parts of the world.

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