What are the costs of international freight transportation

What are the costs of international freight transportation

There are basically two elements to the cost of freight transportation: the actual ocean shipping costs charged by the ship operator, and the costs associated with loading, unloading, and customs clearance of the cargo at the port of origin and destination. There are a variety of factors that affect the cost of ocean freight.


Various factors will affect how these fees are calculated:


• Actual ocean freight is usually charged at the shipping company’s standard rate, but larger shippers and some forwarders may be able to negotiate discounts.


• Charter rates will depend on the prevailing supply and demand at the time of chartering.


Other factors that will affect the final price include:


• Different rates for specific categories of goods.


• Congestion charges for busy ports.


• Currency Adjustment (CAF), exchange rate changes during shipping.


• Fuel Adjustment (BAF), fuel price fluctuations.


• Surcharges imposed by ports or shipping lines to cover costs associated with different regulatory regimes.


Most shipping lines have tariffs based on container rates, which make shipping a full container more economical. Generally associated with containerized cargo, it is often cheaper to ship a full container load (FCL) directly.


If your cargo is less than the container load (LCL), it may be worth consolidating your cargo with that of another importer/exporter, in which case you only pay for the weight and volume associated with your own cargo .


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