What is the international freight system

What is the international freight system

If you want to ship goods from China to countries like USA, UAE and Saudi Arabia, you need to know a lot about freight or find a reliable freight forwarder to help you all the way. Either way, knowing more about freight forwarding can help you move more safely in this industry. Now let’s talk about the major elements of the international freight system. Do you understand?


1. Transportation functional elements: Transportation is one of the core businesses of international freight and one of the basic functions of traditional freight and modern international freight.


2. Elements of warehousing function: This is also easy to understand. Warehousing is also one of the core businesses of international freight forwarding. Warehousing is one of the basic functions of traditional freight and modern freight. Including in and out of the warehouse, storage, custody, maintenance, maintenance, inventory and other activities.


3. Elements of loading and unloading functions: loading and unloading is one of the three major functions of traditional freight. Loading and unloading is easy to understand, that is, the loading and unloading of goods, including manual loading and unloading and mechanical loading and unloading (mainly forklift cranes).


Fourth, the functional elements of packaging reinforcement: This is very confusing – is the packaging bad when it leaves the factory? Why is packaging also a functional element of shipping? Yes, many shipments do work well in the factory and do not need to be packaged in the international freight forwarding segment.


But for some goods, secondary packaging is required at the shipping link – if the factory’s packaging is called sales packaging, then the shipping link packaging is the shipping packaging. A common form of transport packaging is pallets, which are easy to load and unload. It can greatly improve efficiency and reduce cargo loss and cargo variance. Therefore, in the international freight link, many commodities are carried in the form of pallets.


5. Circulation processing functional elements: circulation processing is an important feature of today’s freight transport, an important freight value-added service, and an important trend in the development of modern freight transport.


6. Distribution function elements: Distribution is easier to understand, but distribution and transportation cannot be confused. Transportation mainly means far. Cross-regional. Distribution mainly refers to intra-city distribution – the transportation distance is short, but the distribution frequency is relatively high, especially in shopping malls, supermarkets, and supermarkets. Services such as catering are delivered once or even multiple times a day. Distribution is also an important feature of freight and an important trend in the development of modern freight.


7. Functional elements of international freight information services: ordinary people do not know. In fact, with the rapid development of information and communication technology, international freight informatization is also in full swing. Relying on information technology to ensure the efficient operation of the entire freight system is an important feature of international freight.


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