Freight cost from China to USA

Freight cost from China to USA

When it comes to Shipping fee from China to USA, everyone knows how the shipping fee is calculated. The United States is a major economic country in the world, and my country’s economic exchanges with the United States are also very large. Due to the relatively large trade exchanges, there are also more international transportation between the two places.

Freight from China to USA:

Cost of shipping from China to USA

The cost of shipping the whole container to the United States consists of: O/F+ORC+AMS+DOC+TLX. That is, “sea freight + cargo pickup fee at the port of departure + automatic manifest declaration fee + document fee + telex release fee”.

The cost of LCL shipping to the United States consists of: O/F+CFS+DDC+AMS+ISPS+warehousing fee+fee+DOC. That is, “sea freight + LCL fee + delivery fee at port + automatic manifest declaration fee + port security fee + warehousing fee + fee + document fee”.

It is simple and clear to ship double-clearance to the door. The direct bulk cargo LCL is billed according to the volume and weight, and the whole container is calculated according to the container type.

Freight from China to USA

Cost of shipping from China to USA:

How to calculate the cost of shipping a private package to the United States, the formula: first weight + billable weight * continued weight = total cost
Above 12kg, 1kg is used as a billing unit, and there is no initial weight and additional weight. Billable weight * unit price / KG = total cost

1. The price quotation method is adopted, which is suitable for personal items

2. The quotation already includes the cost of China-US sea freight/declaration/US customs clearance and delivery to the door in the US.

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